Questions and Answers and Bears. OH MY!

  • How can I get someone for a game?

    Check out their profile and hit em up on aim! Otherwise, you can use the Community to look for games.

  • What do I do after I save the state?

    Upload your game and verify it. Then notify your opponent it's ready for confirmation!

  • I uploaded a game and verified it was the correct state, but the games don't show. What gives?

    After uploading and verifying a saved game, the opponent must confirm it is correct before it will show up on the site. This is to prevent any sort of tomfoolery you kids get up to!

  • How is my rating calculated?

    The Glicko-2 rating system with a default rating of 1500.

  • I just played and my rating hasn't changed. Why?

    Ratings aren't calculated immediately. Relax, it'll update.